1. The wilderness and the horses create an environment that gives women the opportunity to focus just on themselves for awhile, to take care of “self” in all the ways that get put on the back burner the rest of the year.

2. A horseback vacation is a great way to mark a transition in your life. “Transition trips” as I call them, are to celebrate a life change, like a milestone birthday, the “my nest is finally empty” trip, an adult daughter/mother time together, a “divorce is final” gift to self or something similar.

3. There is a unique camaraderie that you can only find in a group of women who have the common interest in horses and wilderness.

4. It’s a wonderful way to reconnect with your youth, if you grew up riding and had to give it up as an adult because of family or career responsibilities.

5. Fine linens and tennis courts work for some, but this is a vacation where all-day rides, well-mannered horses and the view from the saddle create the perfect oasis. “Less is more” in the remote setting, yet we have everything in place for you to be comfortable, well-fed, and safe.

6. This is the time to eat, drink, laugh and RIDE! The challenge of riding off the trails in the aspen foothills, and high desert wilderness leads to improved horsemanship skills, which we promote and teach throughout your ride week.

7. We offer the antithesis of a “nose to tail” trail ride. Every day on out horseback is active for each rider, with opportunity to get off the trail and challenge yourself a little, in a safe and controlled manner. Scheduled weeks are available for novice/intermediate skill levels, or if you are an advanced rider, there are trips that are faster paced and more challenging.

8. More often than not, people discover something about themselves that they had no idea was there. Women often find a piece of their “power” that was hidden or hadn’t yet been discovered. Sometimes it’s the catalyst for a life change, such as leaving an abusive relationship, a dead end job or letting go of something painful in your life.

9. You will truly be “off the grid” because there is no internet, and sparse cell phone service out here. And at night, you can actually see the Milky Way and “hear” absolute quiet.

10. You will be riding with us, Mike and Bobbi. One or both of us guide every ride ourselves, every day so you are assured the experience and expertise of our 40+ years as professional guides and horsemen are shared throughout your vacation.