2020 Safety Protocols addressing Covid-19 – Print here

  • Jeans or riding britches, 2 pair. Jeans should have a smooth seam on the inside of the legs and should fit so there are no big wrinkles or bunches around your knees or on the leg. Wrangler Q-Baby women’s jeans are a new option that are fantastic, as are Aura by Wrangler. There are also several types of riding britches that are fitted smooth to the body that won’t gather or bunch, i.e. StickySeat brand. Any kind that does gather or bunch up will cause chafing and  “hot spots” around the knees and thighs. *Special tip: thong underwear are not recommended 😉 / BW
  • Cowboy boots or riding boots with slick soles and a moderate to high riding heel. English riding boots are acceptable. Leather soles are preferred, but are hard to come by, so a smooth sole of rubber is okay, but they must have at least a 1″ heel.  Please do not bring any other footwear for riding. Roper brand “Horseshoes” and Ariat brand light hiking-style boots that are advertised as riding boots (NOT!), anything with a lug sole, and any type of shoe are not acceptable. True riding boots have smooth soles so you can grip the stirrup without your foot sticking and plenty of heel so your foot cannot go through the stirrup. They may not be the best for walking, but you will be riding with them and safety dictates that only a true riding boot be used.
  • Tipi lodges are fully accommodated with a cot, sleeping bag, quilt, and comfortable mattress for your sleeping comfort. Do bring a sheet liner and pillow.
  • Blue Sky Sage will provide canteens for water.

A private shower tipi is set up for bathing in camp.  Everyone gets their own lodge, but they are all large enough for couples or those who want to share.

  • Riding helmet (not required, but if you wear it at home, bring it and wear it here)

  • Hat with a wide brim & tie-down string (If you are not wearing a helmet)

  • Long sleeved, light colored cotton blend shirts/blouses with a stand-up collar, 4

  • Heavy shirt or sweater

  • Heavy fall jacket or coat   

  • Warm gloves & riding gloves

  • Knit stocking cap (for chilly nights )

  • Socks (2 pair per day)

  • Sport Bra (highly recommended)

  • Sweat pants & shirt, shorts, camp wear

  • Cotton bandannas

  • Camp shoes (sneakers)

  • Sheet liner and small pillow

  • Bath towel

  • Swimwear and water shoes for the river

  • Rain gear (please, no ponchos)

  • Headlamp and/or flashlight & spare batteries

  • Camera (preferable to a cell phone for photos around the horses)

  • Sunglasses, goggles or protective eyewear

  • Sunscreen

  • Necessary medications

  • Toiletries

  • Lip sunscreen

  • Cloth face masks, 2 or 3: Please bring 2-3 cloth masks, and protective eyewear (i.e. wrap around sunglasses, goggles, safety glasses). You will be required to wear both while in-transit in the shuttle from Lander to camp and while traveling in the truck out to the desert on Mustang days. BSS will provide a laundry bucket with bleach for guests to wash out their own cloth masks daily and hang them out to dry. Bring at least two so you can rotate them daily. We can provide blue shop towels to make mask liners out of. This new requirement is in response to the Covid-19 pandemic protocols. – BW

  • Optional Items:

  • Small Binoculars

  • Chaps

  • Personal snacks & beverages (we do not provide liquor, soda, or specialty drinks, but we’ll stop and pick up whatever you want before heading out to camp)

  • Lycra bike leggings, not padded (to wear under your jeans, help prevent chafing)

    June & September in case of chilly weather:

  • Long Underwear

  • Warm winter gloves

  • Winter hat

  • Winter coat

  • Chaps or wool pants recommended

  • Extra warm socks that will fit in your boots

And finally . . .

It is the desire of the Blue Sky Sage owners and staff to do everything we can to provide you with an enjoyable, safe and exciting adventure. If, during the course of your stay a concern arises with any aspect of your trip, please come to Mike and Bobbi immediately and tell them what is on your mind. Many times when problems arise, they can be resolved quickly and easily with prompt attention.