The Tipi in the Meadow

When you arrive in the main meadow at Blue Sky Sage, you will see the big tipi at the entry. It is a symbol of many things, but here it represents respect for Mother Earth and her natural rhythms, and the necessity of serenity and quiet to re-balance our hectic and demanding modern lives. It is a place to retreat for a while in solitude, to lie on the cool grass and meditate, or to gather quietly with new friends in a harmonious way.

Each guest is invited to spend some time in the circle of the tipi. The calming sound of the creek is nearby, and the scent of sage is on the breeze that draws through the lodge. You are welcome to come in with an open heart to find the benefits that the circle has to offer.

You have created an experience that truly has the power to change lives. The “freedom” in your tagline is real and it’s far more than a physical sense. When I came to camp last year, I know I wanted to ride horses in a wild, natural setting — but I longed for something more, something far deeper.  I couldn’t name it, I wasn’t even sure what I was after. I just knew I wanted to be far away from my daily routine, family, job, everything. I wanted to know myself in a different life altogether — and see who I was. I remember reading your entire website in one sitting and knowing this was it. And after two camps, I can tell you — the experience has changed and helped me deeply.

Mary, California

Sometimes all it takes is a single week away from your “everyday life” to not only help change your perspective on things but to put you back in touch with your true self, and a ride week with Blue Sky Sage will do this for you and more.

Anika, Oregon