There are a lot of things you can’t get out here. There are a few things here you can get nowhere else.

Ride Your Horse

This pictorial is so very special to Mike and me, as Kit, Janina, and Taeko rode with us for several years, as some of the younger set in the Blue Sky Sage tribe. They bring friends, they make new friends, and they carry an energy, enthusiasm, and soft spirit to camp when they show up. We love them all, we are their Wyoming “family” and this photo journal touches us very deeply. Kit said we could share with you . . . Thank you to Bridget, Kelly, Pam, and Angela for being part of this special week.

We came to Blue Sky Sage with a certain knowledge of what to expect & we are leaving with far more that we could ever have anticipated! Thank you for all you have given us this week . . . from the moment we personally met Bobbi in Pinedale, to driving into camp and meeting the rest of you, you treated us just like family. Each of you are loving, kind & genuine and went out of your way to be sure we were comfortable. You have taught us things we could get nowhere else . . . you fed & housed us . . . you made us laugh & cry . . . you shared your surroundings & horses . . . you enriched our lives with stories of Wyoming. Each of you should be proud of Blue Sky Sage and the gift that you to those who spend time here with you. Again, thank you . . . Hoka Hey!

Amy and Beth, sisters, Michigan

I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the wonderful time that Betsy, Debbie and I had at your camp along the Little Sandy.  What an incredible way for us to be able to ride and reconnect in “real” time. I don’t get to see them often enough – only every few years.
For me personally the whole experience was transformational.  I was surprised to find that I came away with an entirely new way of looking at myself and the world.  I’m not sure I can describe it but I think that being in the moment on the horses made me more aware in general and I’ve been much more in the moment in days since then.  I also gained a much deeper understanding of myself as an individual and in connection to others.  It was life-changing. I’m so grateful to both of you. Go Long Riders! Much love, Nancy
P.S.  I still have Wayfaring Stranger going through my head every day.

Nancy, Kansas

Thank you both from the bottom of my heart for making this trip possible for me. I had the most amazing time with “Camp NY” and am sure this memory will stand strong in my mind for years & years to come. I can’t thank you enough for your kindness & generosity. I’m going to start saving for next year as soon as I get home! I had the most incredible time, I think my heart grew a bit bigger this week. Thank you both, Love Kelly.

Kelly, New York

Now I can say “best trip to date 62 yrs” as my Birthday was yesterday.  Obviously I have seen the world and met amazingly wonderful, creative, bright, educated, interesting people.  I definitely include you and Mike among the most special people I’ve ever had the privilege to know.  Thank you for sharing your love …..of land and horses with me.

Lisa, New York

“Million Dollar Horses”

Million dollar horses

Haute cuisine” – 3 courses

fragrant sagebrush everywhere, wandering free, without a care,

Views and vistas around every corner

Beautiful flora & prairie fauna,

Learning & listening, stories abound

It’s true no better restoration can be found!!

One week with the Wade’s

Is simply of what dreams are made,

Thanks for another wonderful break

Until next time – it’s worth the wait!! xxx

Rachel, Great Britain

Can’t thank you enough for such an incredible vacation. It exceed all expectations in every way. Visually . . . flowers, scenery, “Elfin Forests”, wind blowing over the long grasses, and who knew you could have flowers at your feet in the “head”. The sounds of the wind and the creek along with the wakeup chirps from the birds and the marmot sounds. Great food, lovely folks and fine horses and saddles that were as comfortable as possible even for someone who had not been spending time in the saddle for the past 2 years. Mornings waking up to another wonderful day waiting for the grasses around my tent to be silhouetted against the tent knowing Clara would be getting coffee and a fire ready. Best alarm clock ever! Wonderful rides, followed by a needed soak in the icy creek, dinner and stories around the campfire. Hope you can view the videos on this drive, wish I had done more of them as watching them sure is fun. Thanks again, I hope to be one of your repeat customers.

Fran, Florida

Not only were your horses the best trail horses I’ve ever ridden (remembering I spent 15 summers in Wyoming before I met you); but you went to every length to make the human side of the trip super fine.  From the “welcome mat” towels in our tents, to the shower tent, to the tank of creek water conveniently put near the wash basin, to the solar charger (!) to the woodstove in the mess tent for those unexpectedly frigid mornings….the dust pans for those of us inclined to sweep out our lodgings, the cocktail hour snacks.The food was ne plus ultra, clean, healthy, tasty, and the desserts too good to resist (and I have a lot of willpower!).  I wanted to tell you that Emily is a treasure, and her beaming face was a big contributor to that Halloween grin you saw on me for the entire trip.
I have always found it a tremendous pleasure to be around or even watch people who care enough about what they do to be the best at it, whether they are waitpersons or musicians or Wyoming guides.  You guys were a pleasure to be around, and I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship.

Stephanie, New York

A week ago at this time I was on my way home from Jackson; a sad day for sure. When people ask how my trip was, I say it was great and that I had a wonderful time (while inside my head I’m saying “yeah baby…it was freak’n grrrreat, awe-inspiring, thought provoking, beautiful, peaceful yet exciting at times, … yada yada yada – I could go on).  I find that my words fall short and my pictures fail to capture the total beauty and grandeur of our surroundings. What a beautiful place…what wonderful people. It was truly my honor to meet you all and to have the pleasure of sharing such an excellent adventure together.  Thanks for your words of wisdom, encouragement, and for the endless laughs (ENDLESS…I still chuckle when thinking about the stories:)).  I like to think we’ll have another opportunity to laugh and ride together again. Virginia, thank goodness you decided to join us after your additional adventure in Cody!  You are a wonderful example of how a little (easy for me to say) bump-in-the-road can be handled with perseverance and grace. I hope you are well.

Mary Ellen, Virginia

Thanks to Blue Sky Sage Horseback Adventures. Thank you Bobbi and Mike!! Amazing with their knowledge, horses and riding  . . . I’m still teary eyed every time I think of you, Mike and your horses. An experience that will never be forgotten. Oh man! I can’t even write this without the tears starting. You two are amazing people both with horses AND with people. I SO appreciate Mike’s ability to remain calm, see, feel, sense and hear.

Suzette, New York

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for a magical week of long rides, long lopes, good laughs, good stories, good food, all with strong, fun ‘vimmen’. That first day of riding I thought I would collapse in a fit of tears for the loss of my mother, but each day got a little better with so much good spirit around me. I hugely appreciated Barbwire’s and Rivet’s smooth lopes and easy dispositions. I learned so much this week, and my confidence grew.

Sarah, Oregon