There are a lot of things you can’t get out here. There are a few things here you can get nowhere else.

I flew off to where the air is thick and dripping with oxygen, but I wanted to be sure to send you and Gloria an enormous thank you. I had a great time. I wasn’t looking for a relaxing mindless vacation. I wanted to learn about a different kind of horse, being used in a different way. I was challenged in every way, and it was great.

If I’d been there longer, or it was close enough to come back and bite off a few more pieces, I bet I’d be out there on the trail with both of you. It was just a bit much assessing the horses, my ability with those horses, and then the whole complexity of the Western saddles and different reins. But that said, I think I got it down to the right size so I could chew on it and feel safe. I have too many responsibilities to come out of the saddle and get hurt. But I came to learn, and I thank you both for sharing your knowledge and experiences and helping to broaden my knowledge of your kind of horse and setup.

You are an impressive woman and you run a wonderful operation.  It is not easy work, and it is full of tough decisions. I hope our paths cross again, but I am staying on the flat, where the air is thick. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

Every time I see Liz Cheney I am going to think – I know a tough gal from Wyoming. Stay strong and if you ever head this way … I’ll show you what a Combined Driving horse can do.

Carol, New York, 2022

“Million Dollar Horses”

Million dollar horses

Haute cuisine” – 3 courses

fragrant sagebrush everywhere, wandering free, without a care,

Views and vistas around every corner

Beautiful flora & prairie fauna,

Learning & listening, stories abound

It’s true no better restoration can be found!!

One week with the Wade’s

Is simply of what dreams are made,

Thanks for another wonderful break

Until next time – it’s worth the wait!! xxx


Ride Your Horse

This pictorial is so very special to Mike and me, as Kit, Janina, and Taeko rode with us for several years, as some of the younger set in the Blue Sky Sage tribe. They bring friends, they make new friends, and they carry an energy, enthusiasm, and soft spirit to camp when they show up. We love them all, we are their Wyoming “family” and this photo journal touches us very deeply. Kit said we could share with you . . . Thank you to Bridget, Kelly, Pam, and Angela for being part of this special week.