Horsemanship for Women – Horsewomen of a Certain Age

$3,400.00 7 days

Who are we? The women I know who are on the horsemanship journey are from a wide age range, are from all walks of life, reside in countries all over the world, and they have the common bond of the horse as a major fixture in their life. For you women, Blue Sky Sage exists. This is a place to continue your horsemanship journey, at whatever fork in the trail you are at right now. If you are ready to move forward, then we invite you to join us for a time of growth, confidence-building, and fun.

While Blue Sky Sage has been a leader in women-only horseback riding vacations for over 22 years, during that time the desire by our lady guests to delve into more horsemanship instruction and hands-on practice has evolved. Now, with our own “coming to a certain age” we want to offer more of our knowledge and experience to women who are on the journey, on a exclusive horsemanship retreat. These weeks of discovery will be not only about instruction and learning, but they will offer you the opportunity to retreat from your day-to-day life, and reconnect with your spirit in the “off the grid” comfort of a setting that has all you need to be cared for in a simple, natural place with no distractions from the “outside” world.

These weeks are all about horses and riding, in a supportive, non-judging environment. We’ll cover everything from safety on the ground and in the saddle, to overcoming fear, building up your body and mind, and everything in between. You will actually take the lessons into the field on the best teachers, which are the good, open-range saddle horses you will ride – they will offer themselves up to help you figure out whatever it is you may need to figure out, and maybe even help you find something you want. There will be challenge, maybe a little frustration, and hopefully, an abundance of reward. Every week is hands-on, free-spirited horsemanship, with no fences and no “nose to tail” trail riding. We ride good horses, we have a lot of fun and no one ever leaves thinking they haven’t had enough time in the saddle. This is your invitation to join me and the Blue Sky Sage staff and horses to journey forward and open yourself up to discovery.

July 1-7, 2021: ONLY 2 OPENINGS LEFT!

July 21-27, 2021 – ONLY 2 OPENINGS LEFT!

To pay by ACH online check, contact us at 307.260.7990

Pay a deposit of $1,500.00 per item


Horsemanship for Women – Horsewomen of a Certain Age
All-Inclusive, 7 Days / 6 Nights / 5 full days of active riding, featuring:
  • ONLY SEVEN RIDERS MAXIMUM PER WEEK – Hands-on horsemanship instruction and learning opportunities daily in a small, intimate group.
  • Staff ratio of 1:2 and every day you ride with lifetime Wyoming professional horsewoman, Bobbi Wade.
  • Well-mannered, quality saddle horses that are specially selected and refined for active, “open range” riding.
  • Custom designed and built tack, featuring the Blue Sky Sage Double Wade Saddle for the ultimate comfort of both horse and rider.
  • Fine outdoor living “off the grid” with a weatherproof, solo tipi lodge for each guest, appointed with comfortable cot, mattress, and bedding.
  • Excellent traditional western fare, with accommodations for special dietary needs, prepared in camp daily by our staff chef, from first day lunch through last day breakfast.
  • Round trip shuttle transportation from gateway city of Lander, Wyoming on first and last day of the week.

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