• Be the heroine of your own life, what does that mean, you ask? With Blue Sky Sage, it means you will be in a place that can show you how to take the reins of your life back into your own hands and liberate yourself from whatever may be holding you back. With a willing horse partner to carry you, and the wide-open spaces as the dōjō, the possibilities for you to prioritize your own healing, health, and serenity of heart and mind are as vast as the blue Wyoming sky. You can hold your own space out here, whether you are meditating in the saddle or soaking in the creek, in the peace to be found with Mother Nature.

    Every now and again, women need to be free from the responsibilities of caring for and meeting the needs of others, to focus on their own well-being and pursue their own dreams. There is nothing better for the soul than the whisper of a summer wind on the skin and that unique feel of a good saddle horse as you swing into an easy lope across the sagebrush sea. What women really want is to shed off all the piled-up stress of daily life, to eat great food and enjoy a good drink, to engage with other women in lots of laughter, and to breathe deep of fresh mountain air. Peace and quiet alone, and sincere, quality time with friends both old and new will help you gain a perspective that may have been lost to you for awhile, as you ride stirrup to stirrup with other sisters of the sage. Everything you need to be the heroine of your own life is waiting for you on a Blue Sky Sage horseback riding retreat; all you have to do is give yourself permission to start. June 18-23, 2023 – CANCELLED - We want to give it another week to melt out the abundance of snowpack we have this winter! Once every other week is filled, then we may add another week in July or August. Thanks for your understanding. - Bobbi July 9-14, 2023 – only 1 opening left! September 3-8, 2023 – BOOKED FULL ALUMNI WEEKS, Return Customer Groups Only, call Bobbi to make your reservations please! June 25-July 1, 2023 -ALUMNI WEEK, only 1 opening left! September 10-16, 2023- ALUMNI WEEK - BOOKED FULL To pay by ACH online check, contact us at 307.260.7990
  • Who are we? The women I know who are on the horsemanship journey are from a wide age range, are from all walks of life, reside in countries all over the world, and they have the common bond of the horse as a major fixture in their life. For you women, Blue Sky Sage exists. This is a place to continue your horsemanship journey, at whatever fork in the trail you are at right now. If you are ready to move forward, then we invite you to join us for a time of growth, confidence-building, and fun. While Blue Sky Sage has been a leader in women-only horseback riding vacations for over 24 years, during that time the desire by our lady guests to delve into more horsemanship instruction and hands-on practice has evolved. Now, with our own "coming to a certain age" we want to offer more of our knowledge and experience to women who are on the journey, on a exclusive horsemanship retreat. These weeks of discovery will be not only about instruction and learning, but they will offer you the opportunity to retreat from your day-to-day life, and reconnect with your spirit in the "off the grid" comfort of a setting that has all you need to be cared for in a simple, natural place with no distractions from the "outside" world. These weeks are all about horses and riding, in a supportive, non-judging environment. We'll cover everything from safety on the ground and in the saddle, to overcoming fear, building up your body and mind, and everything in between. You will actually take the lessons into the field on the best teachers, which are the good, open-range saddle horses you will ride - they will offer themselves up to help you figure out whatever it is you may need to figure out, and maybe even help you find something you want. There will be challenge, maybe a little frustration, and hopefully, an abundance of reward. Every week is hands-on, free-spirited horsemanship, with no fences and no "nose to tail" trail riding. We ride good horses, we have a lot of fun and no one ever leaves thinking they haven't had enough time in the saddle. This is your invitation to join me and the Blue Sky Sage staff and horses to journey forward and open yourself up to discovery. July 2-7, 2023 – only 2 openings left! August 27-September 1, 2023 – only 4 openings left! To pay by ACH online check, contact us at 307.260.7990
  • All-Inclusive, 7 Days / 6 Nights / 5 full days of active riding, featuring:
    If you are a non-rider and want to join your riding companion at the Blue Sky Sage location, we welcome you! You will be able to immerse yourself in nature as you hike, swim in the creek, or just relax in camp with the time to read, meditate, and rest while the riders are out. And of course, we'll all be together at meal times, during cocktail hour "apres' ride" and around the campfire.
    • Fine outdoor living "off the grid" with a weatherproof, solo tip lodge for each guest, appointed with comfortable cot, mattress, and sleeping bag. You will share with your riding companion.
    • Excellent traditional western fare, with accommodations for special dietary needs, prepared in camp daily by our staff chefs, from first day dinner through last day brunch.
    • To pay by ACH online check, contact us at 307.260.7990
  • Blue Sky Sage offers Guys Ride Too! weeks each season, for mixed groups of adult men and women or groups of friends or family who are looking for more than the typical "nose to tail" dude ranch ride. These horseback vacations are open to couples and individual men and women who prefer to be with a mixed gender riding group, and can be customized to some extent. Novice and intermediate skill level riders can be scheduled into their own horseback adventures, and separate weeks are open to experienced horsemen and horsewomen, so that each person is in a group with other riders who are at about the same horsemanship skill level. Guests will find the same comfortable, full-service outdoor living and the same great food, accommodations, and activities on a Guys Ride Too! week. Destinations on the daily riding trips may include climbing by horseback to the top of a moderate mountain one day, then making the trek along a clear lake a few days later; both are moderate riding trips of 5 to 6 hours. Other days will be spent covering big country, traversing the rolling sagebrush plains, high desert mesas and draw, with long stretches where we can move out a little faster, if you are a more skilled rider.  You will have plenty of "elbow room" - just you, your horse, and a few other adult riders make for one of the more intimate horseback riding vacations offered anywhere. NEW TO THE SCHEDULE! August 20-25, 2023 - only 3 openings left! To pay by ACH online check, contact us at 307.260.7990


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