Bobbi Wade
Bobbi WadeOwner, Horsewoman, Head Wrangler and Guide
“My career in the horseback riding adventure industry in Wyoming spans the past 40 years, from the Teton Wilderness to the Red Desert, and millions of acres of wild Wyoming country in between. I’ve entered a new phase in my horsemanship journey as a solo horsemanship guide and business owner. The future looks bright, and as I ride into it, my mission continues to be sharing my family legacy, being a supportive leader, and placing people into the path of the healing peace of our wild Wyoming landscapes, from the back of genuine, open-range saddle horses. It will be my privilege for you to join us, and I am honored that you are considering Blue Sky Sage as your horseback riding retreat experience.”
Emily Wade
Emily WadeAssistant Manager, Wrangler, and Guide
I’m so pleased to announce that our daughter Emily will be joining the Blue Sky Sage team for the 2020 season! She will be my right-hand woman in every aspect of the operation, from guiding rides and wrangling horses, to marketing, to camp work, and everything in-between. Having grown up in the business, she has the background and knowledge of the company philosophy and operations, and with her recent experience working in other outdoor recreation companies, she is bringing her own fresh enthusiasm and ideas to the already unique experience Blue Sky Sage offers. I am so excited that once again we have a young, dynamic woman on the team!
Mike Wade, 1958-2019
Mike Wade, 1958-2019
On May 21, 2019, Mike went over the next ridge to continue his wilderness adventure journey, in the next life. Click on the photo to read his obituary and story.
LuckyPublic Relations
Lucky’s position is deputy security officer, public relations specialist, and greeter. He has been with Blue Sky Sage for nearly eight years, and he is a valuable member of the team. In addition to his job, he is also a loyal friend and companion. He enjoys riding in the truck, gnawing on a good bone, and howling on the rare occasion that he needs a little attention.
Stephen Paul
Stephen PaulCamp Chef
We are pleased to introduce Stephen as the camp chef for the 2020 season! He and I have been conversing by email for a couple months, and while the current state of affairs around the Covid-19 pandemic is causing some challenges with getting him here, I am confident that everything will fall into place and he will be a great fit for Blue Sky Sage. This is from an email Stephen sent me early in our communications:
“I take great pleasure in seeing people enjoy their food. Feeding others feeds my soul. As hackneyed as it may sound, I pour my love into the food I prepare… it’s a Cancerian thing.
I tend to swim in currents other than the main stream, value experience over security or possessions, and prefer working for small closely held businesses where everyone needs to pull their weight and a true sense of teamwork and community flourishes. Bonding and connection are the products of shared experience, usually of the challenging kind. I’m no stranger to hard work or long hours and do a job to the best of my ability in each moment, feeling chagrin should results fall short of my own expectations for myself.” Welcome to the team Stephen, and we will see you by June!