Bobbi Wade
Bobbi WadeOwner, Horsemanship Clinician & Equine Consultant
“My career in the horseback riding adventure industry in Wyoming spans the past 43+ years, from the Teton Wilderness to the Red Desert, and millions of acres of wild Wyoming country in between. After a few years as a solo owner of Blue Sky Sage, I am excited to be bringing on some new talent to take on some of the field management, as well as changing up our location and upgrading our camp setup in collaboration with White Pine Resort near Pinedale, Wyoming. The future looks bright, and as I ride into it, my mission continues to be sharing my family legacy, being a supportive leader, and placing people into the path of the healing peace of our wild Wyoming landscapes, from the back of genuine, open-range saddle horses. It will be my privilege for you to join us, and I am honored that you are considering Blue Sky Sage as your horseback riding retreat experience.”
Gloria Ford
Gloria FordAssistant Manager, Wrangler, and Guide
Gloria joined the Blue Sky Sage team in 2022 as assistant wrangler and trail guide. I am happy to announce that she will be taking over as field manager and lead guide for the 2023 season, which is very exciting for me, and for everyone who met her in her first season with us. Gloria brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with her from several seasons at guest ranches around the Rocky Mountain west as a wrangler, and as a riding instructor during several off-seasons. She is a fun, vivacious person, and is up for the challenge of taking over more of the field operations so Bobbi can specialize more with the horsemanship clinics, and to go “play” a little bit more. Welcome Gloria, we are so excited you will be with us for the foreseeable future!
Emily Wade
Emily WadeAssistant Manager, Wrangler, and Guide
While Emily has moved on to her next adventure, planning a wedding to become the new bride to my next “lawful son” Will Stirn, she is only a couple hours away, and continues to join some of the ride weeks here and there, to keep friendships alive, and to help support her mom 🙂 She continues to be available to consult and occasionally assist with every aspect of the operation, from guiding rides and wrangling horses, to marketing, to camp work, and everything in-between. Having grown up in the business, she has the background and knowledge of the company philosophy and operations, and with her recent experience working in other outdoor recreation companies, she is bringing her own fresh enthusiasm and ideas to the already unique experience Blue Sky Sage offers.
Lil Bee
Lil BeePR and Security in-training
Ahhh, Lil’Bee! What a ball of energy, joy and enthusiasm this little Border Collie/Blue Heeler girl has brought to the outfit! She came home with us at 4 months old in July 2020. She is friendly as can be, will fetch a ball until you wear out and will give you a look of innocence that can be a little mischievous. You will love her! She is becoming more of a lady every day, but still loves to chase birds and fetch until she decides it’s time for a break in the shade.
Mike Wade, 1958-2019
Mike Wade, 1958-2019
On May 21, 2019, Mike went over the next ridge to continue his wilderness adventure journey, in the next life. Click on the photo to read his obituary and story.
Lucky, 2011-2022
Lucky, 2011-2022Public Relations
Our sweet Lucky dog passed away in March of 2021, while we were on winter retreat in Arizona. He was a loyal, happy dog who carried the joy and sorrow for me for many years. Everyone loved his happy dog smile and he was the best public relations rep we could have ever asked for! We know you are running the hills with your brother Jasper, following a scent and chasing a bird across the sky.
*Lucky’s position is deputy security officer, public relations specialist, and greeter. He has been with Blue Sky Sage for TEN years now! Lucky is a valuable member of the team and is such a loyal friend and devoted companion. He enjoys riding in the truck, gnawing on a good bone, and howling on the rare occasion that he needs a little attention.