My birthday was on September 24, and as I celebrated another year around the sun, I formally announced my retirement from outfitting and guiding horseback riding adventures and retreats. After a 44+ year career, my life is moving down a different trail now, and I am looking forward to more time to spend with my family, working on my own horses and horsemanship, and putting the lessons I’ve learned in this business to use in helping others.

That being said, my plans for the future do include offering my services up as an equine consultant. For individuals, that includes consulting in the purchase of personal horses, horse management, riding skills-building, and the pursuit of self-confidence necessary to be safe and successful with their own horses. I will be offering private horsemanship lessons, horsemanship clinics for women at various venues, and perhaps leading some private small group rides here in Wyoming.

For horse hospitality industry companies, I have developed two extensive management and training programs for horse staff members employed by guest ranches, trail ride operations, and outfitting businesses. “Wrangler U” is geared to staff members who are hired as wranglers and horse handlers who work directly with guests and horses on a day-to-day basis. “Horse Management U” is a program that has been developed over my extensive career of horse selection, basic health care, feeding, containment, hoof management, training, and proper ride management of trail horses for both personal and trail ride business use.  Both of these programs can help any horse hospitality business in terms of prioritizing safety for horses, staff, and guests, cutting down on the expenses associated with accidents, basic horse health care and other inputs, and putting systems and tools in place that get an entire staff on the same management page with consistent practices and procedures.  In the coming weeks I will be putting the summaries up for each of these exciting opportunities.

And finally, I am expanding the models available for the Blue Sky Sage Signature Double Wade Women’s Saddle that has become so popular with my guests and other horsewomen over the past 12 or so years. I am taking orders for the “Horsewoman”, the “Lady Wrangler” and the “Lady Trail Rider” models as they are shown on the Blue Sky Sage website.

It’s been a great ride (both actually and figuratively!) these past 44 years, and my life has been filled with the yin and yang of every facet of this industry. The successes, the joys, the rewards, and most of all, the friendships are priceless gifts that I have received and greatly treasure. I’m not retiring from it all, just changing my focus and direction to better fit my life path and still offer horsewomen what I can as they pursue their own dreams. Thank you for the past, and welcome to the future 🙂

Hoka hey,

Bobbi Wade
Blue Sky Sage