Frequently Asked Questions

Our saddle remuda is composed of Western-type horses. This includes ranch-type Quarter Horses, Quarter/Draft cross, ranch-type Paints, and a few mustangs. These horses are gentle, sound, intelligent and are not the stereotypical “dude horse.” They are all well-suited to the faster paced riding in rough country that our experienced riders engage in, yet quiet and gentle for the less vigorous pace appropriate for novice and intermediate skill level riders. There are no gaited horses used in this operation, as gaited horses are not commonly considered a Western-type horse.

We have developed our own custom trail saddle, the Blue Sky Sage Signature “Double Wade”, which every guest and staff member will ride. Here is a link to the history of this exceptional close-contact trail saddle.

Yes. After June 1, ship UPS or FedEx to:

Moosely Mail and More
34 North Franklin Ave.
Pinedale, WY  82941
ATTENTION: Blue Sky Sage, Bobbi or Mike Wade, 307-260-7990

Your package must arrive a full week ahead of the first day of your trip so we have time to pick it up in town.

We are asked each year about the proper etiquette of tipping staff members. Gratuities are by no means required, however they can make up a substantial part of employee earnings for the short season worked. If you are inclined to reward any or all of the staff members for a job well done, it will most certainly be appreciated.

There are usually 3-4 staff members on each trip; the Chef, the Camp Assistant, the Wrangler, and the Lead Guide. An appropriate range for gratuities for the service performed is between $50-$200 per staff member, per individual guest. This guideline is just a range and is not set in stone.

Individual guests can give gratuities to each staff member privately, or the group may wish to pool the gratuities and have Bobbi distribute them among the crew members. Either way is an acceptable option.

2020 Positions:

Camp Chef: Read the job description thoroughly, and if you are interested in the position, please complete the application requirements and email to with Camp Chef 2020 in the Subject line.

Camp Assistant/Wrangler: FILLED FOR 2020