Another feature of Blue Sky Sage that our guests have popularized over the years are the meals that our chefs serve, buffet-style in the dining lodge. The cookhouse and those who work within produce the fabulous meals that have become a tradition. The Blue Sky Sage menu features organic grass-fed buffalo, and includes wild Alaska salmon, grilled chicken, crisp salads, fresh fruits, natural cereals and yogurt, vegetables, pasta, homemade biscuits and breads, and if you still have room, desserts made from scratch.  Our chefs are all experienced with preparing a variety of specialty hors d’oeuvres to accompany our BYOB daily cocktail hour after the horses are put up from a good day’s ride. Cowboy coffee is made fresh every morning, and there is a variety of other hot drinks available any time. Liquor and sodas are BYOB so each person has exactly what they prefer. Also, we can accommodate many dietary needs, such as vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free and other food allergy restrictions.

2020 Safety Protocols in the age of Covid-19 
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