Assistant Wrangler, 2023

We have a great job open for a man or woman who enjoys serving guests with a positive attitude and dedicated attention to their needs. Position is for a wrangler, in a vehicle-supported tent camp, with a well-equipped kitchen and dining setup. We conduct week long horseback riding trips in Wyoming for small groups of about 10 adults total, mostly women.

Position requires: The person to have a great attitude toward serving guests at all times, a good work ethic, to be an enthusiastic member of our team, and the ability to “go with the flow” as necessary. Position covers a wide variety of tasks, and time management skills are essential. You are there to help take care of and serve paying customers, and to help support and care for the saddle horses, and to be a team member along with the other staff members and the owner in conducting safe, friendly, and enjoyable adventures for everyone involved. Being well-organized, neat, and clean are imperative. If you play an instrument that is conducive to a campfire atmosphere, we encourage your participation.

During the ride week, you will accompany the owner/head guide on the daily rides, to support and help manage horses and guests as necessary in the field. Other duties include feeding horses morning and evening, pumping water to the corral, general clean up around the corral, washing & cleaning tack as necessary, helping get the ride out in the morning, and getting the ride in at the end of the afternoon, and other duties as requested. Company may provide all tack/saddle/riding gear for the horses you will be riding, though if you have your own and it meets our requirements, you can use it. You will be required to attend the orientation provided by the owner, be currently certified with a minimum of Basic First Aid/CPR, and will follow all management guidelines as spelled out in the Employee Manual for this position.

Your personal quarters will be a comfortable wall tent cabin with a bed provided, and access to the shower/bathroom house on site. We do have a dress code, and it is important that each person maintains their own personal physical and mental condition by taking advantage of down-time to rest, relax and recharge. Having good endurance & living a fit and healthy lifestyle will serve the person we hire very well in this job.

Compensation: Monthly salary to be discussed upon interview, staff housing (as described above), all meals while on site, and one full day off between trips to go to town and do laundry, etc. Position requires person to live for the entire season on-site, and you will be required to tend camp between trips except on your day off. Gratuities are usually forthcoming after each trip, and they vary on average between $100-300 per week. When staff is dedicated to doing an outstanding job, the gratuities will reflect that, and can exceed the average mentioned. Duration of position: June 1 through September 25, 2023 +/-. Preference to someone who will commit to the full season. Single persons only.

Application Packet (Include the following):
● Letter stating why you think you would be an asset to our company, what your expectations are, your unique skills/abilities/traits.
● Resume’ covering the past 5 years of your employment and/or education, job references from previous employers or your direct supervisors.
● Two recent photos of yourself (head shot and full length in appropriate attire)
● Complete contact information, to include email address, mailing address, cell phone number.
● A short video (up to two minutes) of you riding at a walk/trot/canter/lope (which is a fast canter but not an all-out gallop).

If you provide us with the complete Application Packet as requested, we will then assess it, and determine if you will be considered for an online face-to-face interview. Upon request, we can also provide you with the day-to-day schedule, dress code & conduct agreement, Employment Policies, and any other pertinent documents. If we decide to offer you the position, we will have a background check done, so you will be required to provide copies of your social security card and driver’s license at that time.

FULL DISCLOSURE: While we do have cell service at camp, we expect staff to be able to be out of touch with the “outside world” for the duration of each ride week. Our guests come here to get away from civilization and it is not only disruptive to the flow and feel we are trying to create for them, but it distracts the staff from the job at hand, which is taking care of the guests and horses, and being part of the “wilderness” experience with everyone. If you don’t think you can turn your cell phone off for a week, then this isn’t the place or the job for you. The owner, for business and safety purposes, does check voicemail and email during the ride week, so if someone needs to reach you in an emergency, they will be able to by contacting us. Also, we do not accommodate personal horses or dogs without prior approval. Please visit our website to see what the company is all about. We live by several mottos, two of which certainly apply to this position: “Plans often don’t work out, but planning does” and “Go with the flow”; we try to plan and prepare as best we can for everything before the first guest of the season arrives, so that we can focus all the necessary attention to conducting each ride week as safely, professionally, and enjoyably as possible, for all of us.

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