For those who are looking for a place that is closer to Mother Earth, more in tune to the rhythms of nature, yet offers everything necessary to be comfortable and secure, the setting where the Blue Sky Sage rides originate is the perfect home away from home, at our new location near Pinedale, Wyoming at White Pine Resort. Think of the harmony of a summer breeze through tall lodgepole pines to lull you off to sleep. The quiet of your own canvas tipi lodge and a warm sleeping bag on a cot with a comfy mattress are better than the best king size bed in a luxury resort for restful sleep. And you can hear the soft nickers and shuffling of hooves from the nearby horse corral where the Blue Sky Sage cavvy spend their nights. The privacy and peace of the location enhances the accommodations of the Blue Sky Sage setting. Every individual guest is set up in their own lodge, which are large enough for couples or those who want to share.  In addition, our location now has a wonderful shower and bath house, with full-time hot water, and regular lavatories and toilets for an upgraded camp experience. Everything is in place for you to sleep well, stay rejuvinated, and immerse yourself in the healing surroundings of the Wyoming wilderness.